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Orient Garments PLC


Orient Garments PLC is involved in manufacturing and exporting of high-end apparel and specialize in outerwear, casualwear and sportswear its subsidiaries include Stafford Orient (Pvt) Limited and Prority Garments (Pvt) Limited. The company which was incorporated on 4th March 1982 has expertise in apparel for over 28 years and their rich experience in manufacturing and exporting have made them one of the most reliable clothing suppliers in Sri Lanka, at present in excess of 95% of garments manufactured at  Orient Garments PLC  factories dock into the EU and USA.

The infrastructure of the group consists of five garment manufacturing plants accounting for a total of nearly 1,500  direct sewing machines, 2 embroidery units with 105 embroidery sewing heads and an employment base of nearly 3,500 personnel. The monthly production capacity of the company is about 300,000 units which contribute towards an annual turnover in excess of Rs. 3.5 Billion.

The business focus of  Orient Garments PLC  is predominantly aimed at designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of garments catering to the needs of leading international fashion brands and retailers such as NEXT, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and Burberry.