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Serendib Investment Holdings Limited


· Serendib Engineering & Agencies (Pvt) Limited

· CCC Plantation Engineering Limited

Serendib Engineering & Agencies (Pvt) Limited

Serendib Engineering & Agencies which was incorporated on 2nd August 1991 is a well-established company with over 25 years of history, focused on providing services to the rapidly expanding public infrastructure in Sri Lanka. The company whilst initially concentrating on the transport and railway sector achieved remarkable success as a result it has now branched off into infrastructure & engineering sciences such as Telecommunications, Water supply and Filtration projects, Petro-chemical Engineering, Power generation, Plantation Engineering, Civil Engineering and Marine. Serendib Engineering group currently derives major portion of their revenue from telephone cabling and related services for Sri Lanka Telecom. The company is the Sri Lankan representative for prestigious foreign principals/partners including Rolls Royce Marine, MAN Diesel & Turbo (UK) Limited, Brush Traction Limited and Romic–ACE International Pte Limited has been successful in securing key projects over the years.