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Bieco Link Carbons (Pvt) Limited

Bieco Link Carbons (Pvt) Limited was a limited liability company incorporated in Sri Lanka on 14th October 1987 as a joint venture partnership between Beijing Corporation for International Economic Co-operation and Link Holding Pvt Limited which expired in 1992.It manufacturers activated carbon for export to countries such as USA, South Africa, South Korea, Japan & Middle East countries. It is located in Giriulla at the southern part of the coconut triangle. In 2009 Beijing Coprporation for International Economic Co-operation ceased to be a shareholder and a director of BLC. The company was acquired by PCH Holdings on 9th December 2011.

Bieco Link produce both Powdered activated Carbon & Granular activated carbon for export markets using both coconut shells and charcoal in the factory, located in Giriulla about 65km away from Colombo. The company started its operations in 1987 and operates with two vertical kilns (which can produce 3840 MTs of activated carbon per annum) and two Rotary kilns (which can produce maximum of 2880 MTs per annum).